Trumbull can’t go back to Herbst-era politics

To the editor:

Trumbull residents have an important decision to make in the November 5 municipal elections. Vote for two more years of positive, community-oriented leadership or go back to the Herbst-era style of politics of conflict, misinformation, and mismanagement. The choice is abundantly clear. We cannot go back. Vicki Tesoro is the leader who has earned my vote for First Selectman.

The campaign of the “Coach” has been a series of embarrassing missteps with a common theme of spreading lies to see what sticks. The campaign is built on false attacks rather than facts because Mr. Herbst offers no vision of his own to run on. The blatant distortion of reality being spread every day via emails, misleading press releases and and mailers has been so bad that even the nonpartisan police commission and EMS professionals have had to push back and set the record straight. That is shameful conduct for anyone, most especially a person seeking to run our town. Unfortunately for the Coach, the people of Trumbull are much smarter than this. Trumbull residents want and deserve a leader who puts the best interest of the town first. We deserve a leader who tells the truth and respects all residents regardless of political affiliation. We deserve a leader who actually has the qualifications to do this job. And we deserve a leader who has been invested in the town long before they planned to run for office, showing up at meetings and volunteering for decades with a long and clear track record of results. There is only one candidate for First Selectman who checks these boxes. Vicki Tesoro has worked tirelessly for this town for 25 years and has represented Trumbull with integrity, grace and dignity as First Selectman all while keeping taxes stable, supporting our schools, and keeping us safe. Through hard work, she has earned another term to continue moving our Town forward. I hope you will join me in supporting Vicki and Team Tesoro on November 5.

Debbie Krozner, District 4

Trumbull Democrats