Town needs true community center

To the editor:

What is the purpose of the aquatics center?

Committee chairman Marsh stated at the 10/10/18 meeting that the purpose is to “satisfy the various user groups in town.” However, the aquatic facility only addresses water related activities.

A new, 10-lane pool with seating for 300 people will surely be beneficial to the various Trumbull team swimmers and attract out-of-town swim teams lacking such facilities. How many residents that are not on the Trumbull High or Pisces swim teams would use it, or the zero-entry pool regularly is an important question.

A new senior center is certainly necessary if you have ever visited the current one. Visit senior centers in the surrounding towns to see how ours is sadly lacking. Again, the seniors represent an important but narrow slice of residents.

What if we were to build a combined senior center, family center and recreational center in the same location ? There could be community rooms that are designed to be used by various age groups. It must be located in an area capable of expansion. Future expansion plans might involve activities currently found in some vibrant community centers near us.

We need to ask the town residents how they are willing to spend their tax dollars. Our town could probably save money with a combined facility that allows almost all residents to get something of value in a true community center. Imagine having a place to take the kids during school vacations; exercise rooms for adults; a realistic place for teens to gather on weekends; seniors going for a morning swim, having lunch and staying to see a swim meet. That’s how I envision a Community Center.

Harvey Mamrus