There has been a lot of back and forth during this campaign season trying to assign blame for the influx of apartments in Trumbull. I have been very vocal about the negative effects that the increased number of apartments will have on this town.

I do not agree with the zone change decisions by the current or previous administration that occurred on properties that are currently in development. I do not, and will not, support any further zone changes to valuable commercial property for multi-unit residential development.

I will oppose apartments from being constructed at the Trumbull Mall. If elected, I will strengthen our ethics code to prevent members of land use boards from being active developers in the Town of Trumbull. So, I ask Mrs. Tesoro to join me in this pledge and publicly oppose any such development. Regardless of the location, I will not support any such developments until we have a true assessment of how these types of projects impact our schools and public safety.”

Mrs. Tesoro advocated for a moratorium on apartments, which expires after the election. The purpose of a moratorium is to provide the town time to study the effects of such developments. Aside from buying time, we have heard nothing of any studies being conducted with regard to how the town moves forward following the expiration. I want to be 100% clear on where I stand, and I hope she will join me in publicly opposing these developments and instituting real reform.

In addition to opposing these types of developments, I want to address the lack of transparency with our land use boards.

I am calling for an additional planning and zoning meeting each month, starting immediately. The current administration’s removal of funding for additional meetings has resulted in two very controversial projects being conveniently postponed until after the election.

Residents in Nichols have been expecting the Planning & Zoning Commission to meet prior to the election to decide on the Moorefield Farm proposal. I am calling on the first selectman and Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Fred Garrity to schedule a meeting to vote on the Moorefield Farm application, Tashua Road other proposals before the election. These delay tactics with zoning meetings are intended to discourage and frustrate residents, rather than encourage open dialogue on projects.

Trumbull residents need to know where I stand on these important issues facing our town. I am calling on Mrs. Tesoro to do the same. Join me. Let the residents in Trumbull know whether you support any proposal that includes more apartments either at the mall or anywhere else in town. Being a leader means letting everyone know where you stand. I am not concerned about angering developers. I am concerned about our residents not having a voice. It is time to stop playing politics with land use.