To the editor:

With a single meeting remaining in this term, the First Selectman failed to send any meaningful legislation to the Town Council to advance the quality of life in Trumbull.

The session began in January 2019 with the repeal of ordinances that prevented pensioners from being re-hired to collect salaries on top of pensions and to prevent pensioners form serving on boards /commissions that vote on retirement benefits. The repeal immediately ushered in a town attorney and recreation department pensioners to “double dip” despite our protestations on fundamental fiscal policy considerations. Potential conflicts of interest have not mattered to this administration.

The first Selectman then scuttled the Community Center Study/Building Committee and denied the voters the promised vote on an affordable, new Community Center that would have finally brought greater services in a modern facility to seniors, new social and recreation opportunities, a gym, and a new indoor swimming pool for all of the community to enjoy.

Instead, Mrs. Tesoro commissioned two separate study/building committees, one for an aquatics facility and another for the senior center, that have spent tens of thousands of dollars with no tangible plan or location to date and a missed August 2019 final plan report deadline that had to be extended to March 2020. The combined estimated costs being discussed for the construction of these two facilities is approaching $30M, as compared with the $17M cost for the full-service Community Center proposed two years ago.

We also have a Building Committee supervising the renovations of our Police station for nearly two years, when we could have had our Public Works Department oversee the project to its completion by now. There have been as many meetings of this committee canceled as have been conducted.

Despite grandiose promises from 2017, nothing has been done with regard to the First Selectman’s promised $2 million reduction in town spending, escalating legal fees, limiting supplemental appropriations and raiding our town’s saving’s account and reducing our costly waste-water agreement with the City of Bridgeport.

The Republican caucus of the Town Council points to our productive leadership: increasing senior tax relief, the Long Hill Green development and improvements, development of the Lower Madison Avenue center, repaving miles of roads, including Madison Avenue, and giving voters the right to vote on capital projects.

On Nov. 5, it is time to return Republican Leadership back to the Town Council . We appreciate your support for a better Trumbull.

Carl A. Massaro, (R) minority leader

Lori Rosasco Schwartz, (R) deputy minority leader

Town Council