Letter - The time for change is today

To the editor;

Leadership should have been demonstrated weeks ago, following the publication of derogatory words made by the chair of the EDIT Task Force, Tara Figueroa. Weeks later this issue continues to galvanize and polarize residents. Neither the first selectman nor Town Council have condemned the hateful statement. Demands for Ms. Figueroa’s resignation or removal by the first selectman continue to be ignored.

Why does the First Selectman not demand the chair’s resignation? We are left to wonder if there is an implicit endorsement through their inaction. To those who say she was a private citizen a couple of short months before her appointment, I would argue that it is incumbent upon the administration to do the job of properly vetting a potential nominee before making an appointment. One problem compounded by another, then another and yet another still.

The EDIT task force was established in reaction to events last summer, not in a proactive way, and that is not how effective leaders should respond. It is time for a proper process that will lead to change. It is time for the transparency we were promised four years ago, not more opaqueness.

This issue has inflamed some, caused others to question sound judgement and leadership, and still others to exhibit a lack of communal civility. Personally, I have been the target of anger and called racist, solely for seeking a change in the chairmanship of the EDIT Task Force.

Why the vitriol? We live in a time when some believe the only voice that should be heard is theirs. I believe the chair has not shown the open mindset or leadership skills needed for a task force on diversity, equity, and inclusion here in Trumbull. The time for change should begin today.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republican Town Committee