The candidates, in their own words

To the editor:

Last week’s letters to the editor contained two submissions; one from each candidate for first selectman.

For convenience I have restated the opening paragraphs here: From Mr. Herbst’s letter: “Mrs. Tesoro is quick to blame the prior administration for all of the proposed apartments, but quite frankly Trumbull residents are tired of excuses and want a decisive leader who is going to tackle this issue head-on.”

From Ms. Tesoro’s letter: “As first selectman, I value Trumbull’s unique character and open spaces. I will continue to balance Trumbull’s quality of life with strategic and responsible development.”

Fellow residents, which letter has the more positive and inclusive tone? I can’t imagine that anyone wants to go back to the days when the letters to the editor column was nasty and snippy. Let us not return to the days of mean spirited letters tossed back and forth in the public domain. I think the letters from our candidates do a great job of informing voters how each candidate will govern, and their general demeanor.

David Rosenburg