The Tesoros are everywhere in town

To the editor:

There’s always THAT family. The one you see everywhere. You’re bound to bump into them while attending the local Firehouse Open House, the farmer’s market, the Arts Festival, Trumbull Day, the Tree lighting and even the grocery store.

How could they possibly be everywhere at once? Well because they are the Tesoros and this town is important to them. Now you might be saying, yeah well Vicki is the First Selectman so she has to be there. But that’s where you would be wrong.

Well before she became the leader of our town she was out there. I first got to know her through Board of Education meetings. Any question I had, she knew the answer because she’s been to all the relevant meetings.

Whether it be PTSA, TPAUD, Finance, or Town Council. She is the mom that has been there, done that and is still doing it well after her kids were out of the schools because that’s what the Tesoros do. Vicki kept showing up, kept running for office and kept dreaming of a better Trumbull for all of our families.

Her husband Tom is no slouch either. My kids always point them out at town events like it is a celebrity sighting. And let’s be honest, they kind of are. We saw Vicki run and narrowly lose an election but then they saw her run and win. It was a story of perseverance and dogged determination.

I couldn’t ask for a better role model to show my children. She is honest, hard working and humble. We will continue to see the Tesoros all over this town despite the outcome in November, but in my heart of hearts I hope my kids will continue to say, “First Selectman Tesoro is here” wherever here is that day.

Angela Bulkley, District 2

Trumbull Democrats