Tesoro has governed without drama, lawsuits, toxic rhetoric

To the editor:

When Vicki Tesoro ran for First Selectman two years ago, our opponents predicted calamity for Trumbull if she was elected. Now her opponents are running an exclusively negative campaign, trying to make the claim that calamity actually occurred these last two years.

But we all know that is not true.

Taxes have been stable; increases have been modest and predictable. Indeed, averaging just under 2% per year, which is lower that the rate of inflation, lower than the cost of living increase for Social Security recipients, lower than the average wage growth in the country during this time. And Vicki kept taxes stable despite receiving fewer funds in state aid from Hartford for two years in a row.

Did you know that Trumbull made the full actuarial recommended contributions to our pension plans, and then some? Yes, Vicki kept her campaign promise to contribute 25% of any surplus to the pension fund on top of making the full contribution, and this reduces our future contributions and unfunded obligations. This also brings Trumbull closer to the coveted AAA bond rating.

Speaking of surplus, did you know that the town now has the largest rainy fund in town history? Yes, fiscally prudent budgeting and spending has given us two straight surpluses, and the unrestricted general fund now stands at over $20 million.

Our schools have remained strong. There have been no cuts to education in Trumbull. Over the past two years, $5.6 million MORE has gone to our public schools, despite decreased funding from Hartford. The Board of Education has not been given a blank check, and they have been challenged to spend over $100 million in taxpayer funds as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our schools remain the envy of many neighboring communities.

Our police and emergency services have delivered for Trumbull and are strong. Our Public Works Department has done a great job in tough winter conditions and after other storms to keep our roads safe.

Vicki has governed in a collaborative, inclusive way. The toxic rhetoric of previous years is gone. The drama is gone. We are no longer suing our neighboring towns, or being sued. We are bringing the town closer together with the return of Trumbull Day, and the annual Eggstravaganza. We have the first ever senior discount program at restaurants and businesses all over Trumbull.

We have reasoned, mature, sound leadership in Trumbull right now led by Vicki Tesoro and her team. She has done a great job earned a return to office for the next two years. She has proven leaders Mary Markham, running for Town Clerk, and Anthony Musto, running for Treasurer on the top of the ticket. I urge Trumbull voters to vote for her and her team on Row A on November 5.

Tom Kelly, chairman

Trumbull Democrats