To the editor:

I have lived in Trumbull my entire life. My children were raised here and my grandchildren are being raised here.

What has always kept us here was the community and the people in it. That being said, I wanted to thank First Selectman Vicki Tesoro for making sure that our community events have not only continued, but thrived under her administration. They are a great opportunity to bring our neighbors and our families together.

This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Trumbull Youth Association. They have produced award winning shows through the dedication and talents of many volunteers. Trumbull Day was brought back to where the people of Trumbull wanted it to be this summer, with free admission, and was better than ever. And finally, The Trumbull Arts Festival, attended by people all across the area, continues to be an event that our town can be proud of. Some, if not all of these were at the risk of being eliminated by our last administration.

Vicki Tesoro will be the first person to tell you that these were all successful events because of large amount of Trumbull residents who volunteer their time and energy. She respects and appreciates them, and fosters a climate of dedication through her own experience as a volunteer.

In order for a community to prosper and grow, its needs a leader who is respectful, grateful and shares a positive attitude and passion for making the town a great place to live. This is Vicki Tesoro.

If you attended any one of these events, please join me in thanking Vicki and the volunteers for keeping them part of our Trumbull community.

Maureen Maher