To the editor:

I want to thank the citizens of Trumbull for giving me the opportunity to serve our community once more as First Selectman.

I, and all the members of Team Tesoro, are humbled by the faith you have placed in us and inspired by the confidence you have shown us. We pledge to work hard every day to make our community even better.

To do that, we must now put the election behind us and work together for the benefit of our community. All of us, Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters alike, benefit when Trumbull succeeds. That is my goal - a successful and thriving Trumbull.

Our platform called for the restoration of 7 equal voting districts. This will strengthen minority representation, make voting more convenient, and bring our Council Representatives closer to those they represent. I will ask the Council to move in that direction.

I will ask the Council to re-open the Charter. Among the items I will ask to be considered is the elimination of the seventh seat on the Board of Education and to return to staggered four-year terms. Once again, this will foster balanced government and go a long way to eliminating politics from the Board of Education. Other items to be considered are term limits, strengthening the referendum language for major projects, and cleaning up inconsistencies and omissions from the last Charter revision.

I will recommend to the Planning and Zoning Commission that they extend the one-year moratorium for new apartment development that was approved during my last term. The first of the apartments will be available to rent in the near future and we need to assess the impact of these apartments. Extending the moratorium will allow us to do just that.

The budget will rapidly approach and I am committed to keeping taxes stable. We will do this by continuing to seek out savings by controlling expenses, and growing our grand list responsibly. We will maintain our commitment to keep our services strong and our education system excellent. Our residents deserve nothing less.

We must finish our discussions with the Board of Education to find cost efficiencies by sharing services.

Our aquatics and senior center/library committees will finish their work. Please be assured that nothing will be built without seeking the input and consent of the people through a community survey and then a referendum. There is a process to be followed. This is your money and your community and your voice must be heard.

We will continue and complete the reengineering and paving of our major roads - Strobel, Chestnut Hill, and Moose Hill. We follow a strict paving plan for our other Town roads.

We will do these things and more.

As I said, to do this we must work together. To those that voted for me and my team, I thank you. For those that did not, we will work hard to earn your trust.

Trumbull’s best days are yet to come.

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro (D)