Tesoro — 'Not one penny more' on senior/community center

Vicki Tesoro
Vicki Tesoro

I call on the Republican administration to immediately stop the planning and design of the Senior/Community Center.  Not one more penny of taxpayer money should be spent on this project. This is not the right time, the right building or the right location for this Center that now has a projected cost of over $20 million. Given the uncertainty of the state budget and other priorities in our town, now is not the time to saddle the community with a project that we don’t even know the people of Trumbull want.  

The better alternative is to sell the properties on Old Church Hill Road for residential use as called for in the Plan of Conservation and Development. Obtain a cost estimate of what it would take to completely renovate the existing senior center. Those costs will be offset by the grant already procured by then Senator Musto to refurbish the kitchen and any remaining proceeds from the sales of the Old Church Hill properties, if any.

Coupled with that, we should explore a competition pool to replace the outdated and dilapidated pool at Hillcrest. Trumbull has already spent the money to design one, now it is time to go out to bid to see if we can afford the project or we need to look at other alternatives, perhaps a public/private partnership.  Replacing the Hillcrest Pool with one that meets the aquatic needs of our town while renovating the current Senior Center will save taxpayers over $10 million and preserve the residential character of Trumbull.

However, if the administration continues to stubbornly refuse to consider alternatives, a referendum must be put on the ballot in November on the Senior/Community Center as proposed. It is time the entrenched politicians step aside and let the people decide.