To the editor:

In community service, as in life you meet and get to know many people. Most of whom add something to your life or teach you lessons that you can carry forward. For me one of these people has been Sue Burr-Monaco, our town clerk.

For the entire time I have been involved in town politics, government and community service, Sue has been a steady presence not only on the ballot, but in my life. I have learned much from Sue and her husband Dom. Their work ethic, dedication, love for each other and our town is unmatched.

I remember vividly my first day ever campaigning, I was asked to go walking with “Doorbell” Dom and Sue. I thought “How hard can it be?” Go out for a couple of hours, meet some people, get to know them.

Well, six hours and 150 doors later they decided they had enough for the day, with a promise to get right back at it the next day. Valuable lessons learned in voter outreach. Over the years Dom and Sue have hosted many of us in their home, always welcoming, always with great food and Dom’s famous ice cream bar. For many of these years they were caring for their elderly parents, people who Dom and Sue were obviously devoted and compassionate to through the final years of their lives. Always giving, always caring, such a living example of compassion and service.

We almost lost Dom and Sue when their car was hit by an impaired driver on Churchill Road a couple of years back. With the help of our first responders, many doctors, prayers and blessings of the almighty they survived.

I am proud to know and have worked with Susanne throughout these many years. I wish both her and Dominic as they start the next chapter of their lives and encourage all to join me and thank Suzanne for her service to the town of Trumbull.

It is my hope that my new friend Edna Colucci, who I have found to be smart and dedicated, will carry on in Sue’s footsteps.

David Rutigliano (R-123rd)

State Rep.