Republican will vote for Tesoro

To the editor:

I am a Republican, but more importantly, I am a member of the community of Trumbull. My votes are carefully considered and based on many factors including budget considerations, education opportunities in our town, safety and quality of life, to name just a few.

I see great things in Trumbull right now. I see a truly engaged first selectman, who attends all local events, who spends countless hours in town and state level discussions to ensure Trumbull gets the attention and resources it needs, and who is always there for the people of our town.

She doesn’t shy away from difficult issues. Instead, Vicki confronts them head-on, by connecting with people from all political spectrums to try to come up with smart and innovative ways to keep our town moving forward.

It’s so wonderful to see how our town has come together in the past two years. We have community events like the kid’s Easter Egg Hunt, Restaurant Week, and Trumbull Day back on a June weekend, where families can come together to enjoy friendship, music, great food and fireworks. Our Arts Festival had wonderful vendors for crafts and food, as well as fabulous singing and dancing. The nicest part is that Vicki is always at these events with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone.

It’s wonderful to see our town on a such a positive path forward with our community coming together to embrace our common goals.

Yes, I am a Republican, but this November, I will be voting for Vicki Tesoro.

Sue Allen