Praise for Ridgefield parents

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

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The following email was shared with the Ridgefield Little League:

Dear Ridgefield Little League and 9U Parents,

I am a Trumbull Little League parent. My son, John, plays on the 9U Trumbull team and has played the Ridgefield 9U team a few times. This email is to praise the Ridgefield parents. During the Monroe tournament, Trumbull won in extra innings. It was an amazing game for both teams.

At the end of the game, I was incredibly impressed as we made our way to the car because multiple Ridgefield families modeled for their children the importance of good sportsmanship.

They praised our boys for a good game and showed their children the importance of spreading positive energy. As John and I drive home, I pointed out how the Ridgefield team displayed kindness. It truly stood out.

Tonight, this kindness presented itself again. We played 9U Ridgefield in the Fairfield tournament. My son made an amazing hit.

As a proud mother, I cheered (a little to loud and definitely too hard). My intense cheering led the diamond in my ring to fall out. I was proud and devastated at the same time.

The Ridgefield parents again modeled for their children the importance of being good humans and teamwork. Many Ridgefield families stayed behind to help search through the grass for the lost gem. Fathers, mothers, grandparents and children crawled on their hands and knees and together we worked as a team. The diamond was not found, but I am grateful for their help and support.

Ridgefield has a classy team. As a team, you should be incredibly proud. Thank you, Ridgefield!

My very best,

Ashley Furnari

Trumbull 9U Little League Parent