Police warn residents about home repair scams

It may be the season of tricks and treats for the kids, but Trumbull Police are also warning adults about a few tricks as well.

It’s that time of year again when home improvement scams surface with more frequency, police said. Currently, individuals are approaching residents, particularly the elderly, and offering services to seal driveways against the approaching inclement weather.

There are a few different types of scams police have seen. One is that these individuals put down a light wash which does nothing to seal the driveway and then they leave before the resident notices the inferior work. The second is that they are not licensed by the state and cannot be easily located. To avoid any issues, always ask to see a contractor’s license to do home improvement.

Another scam is that when residents are approached for driveway sealing, the individual is also checking the house for occupants, if any, and a burglary follows shortly thereafter.

Please do not accept any unsolicited “deals” and contact the Trumbull Police about these suspicious individuals immediately. Call 203-261-3665 whenever you are in doubt.