Penkoff - Why I'm running for RTC chair

To the Editor:

Why am I running for Republican chairperson? The short answer is because I was asked.

I had no intention of doing so; I had no intention of going back to the town committee. Not because I don’t have something to offer, but because for years I was a loyal member of the previous administration’s inner circle and then suddenly, I was not. And while I learned many things from that experience, I also learned that politics in Trumbull is a contact sport, political alliances can change in a NY minute and that my voice was no longer welcome; at least not by our former first selectman.

There are those in town that are pushing the narrative that I am one of the causes of the last election’s loss. My voice would have to carry a lot of weight. And while I believe that can be true, it also shows an ignorance of the changes in our electorate, along with a lack of personal responsibility by those responsible for a poorly run and executed campaign. It points to the need for more change and that it needs to be less about power and more about people.

As a leader you must stand up and call out the wrong, the lie, the inappropriate, not just by the other party but by your own, especially in a small town. Integrity and credibility are at stake. You either have it or you don’t.

As one of the most vocal Republicans in Trumbull, I have a choice to make with every issue. I can ignore it, speak favorably, or speak against it. I have always spoken against the things I believe are wrong or those things I feel will hurt our party’s reputation.

I will always be honest and speak my mind.

Those currently in leadership are good people who want what’s best for our town and our state. But they are the faces of the old administration. And while Tim’s administration did many good things during his tenure, the political landscape has shifted and we, as a party, need to move on or we will be saddled with a story and a history this TRTC does not deserve.

I hope those that ran this past November on the down ticket decide to do so again. There were a lot of amazing people on the ballot. We need their energy, their individuality, their points of view and their voice. They are the future of this party and we should all be excited about that.

In 2009 we called it the Republican umbrella. That is why I am running for chairperson. I want to go back to a time when our party was open, welcoming and encouraged everyone to be a part of the future. We did it honestly, by rolling up our sleeves and doing the work. We did it without games and without twisting the truth.

It’s time for us all to move on. I hope to lead that march.

Cindy Penkoff, District 2

Republican Town Committee