Moorefield project will harm neighborhood

To the editor:

The residents in District 2 should be concerned about the Moorefield Farm Project. Not only is the project rife with issues of conflict of interest, but if the project proceeds the impact to the wetland area will be significant.

The developer reduced the size of the plan in order to bypass Inland Wetland Commission scrutiny. However, as wetland experts know, projects near wetland areas impact the environment even if the project does not encroach on the setbacks. Impervious surfaces such as roads, driveways, and rooftops are areas of impenetrable material.

These surfaces seal the soil surface eliminating rainwater infiltration and natural ground water recharge. The runoff from these areas is a source of pollution to the wetlands. Pollutants include lawn fertilizers, salt and sand from snow removal vehicles and many other sedimentary wastes. Polluted runoff can have many negative effects on fish, animals, and plant life. The impervious pollutants from the proposed roadway and eleven driveways and roofs will deprive tree roots of aeration. This will ruin the forestry, and the canopy shade lost will further damage living vegetation in the surrounding area. Such damage will also reduce the natural water storage area during flooding which will make storm impact more severe to area homes. The density of the project alone in this sensitive wetland region demands a review by the Inland Wetland Commission in our town. A commission review will provide needed protection to minimize environmental impact.

However, if the fate of our wetland areas and neighborhoods are left to the current Planning and Zoning Commission and the Tesoro team, then we must make certain that on Election Day we vote for the Coach Herbst Team, the individuals who will preserve the pristine nature of our town and will abide by the planning and zoning regulations.

Susan Fatse, candidate (R)

Town Council