Letter - Mall apartments could be biggest mistake Trumbull has ever made

To the editor:

Lately, I have heard a lot of people express their concerns over the mall project.

No one has said they think it’s a good idea. In fact, everyone thinks it’s a bad idea. In Milford, the mall developers are floating the same idea in that town.

Milford Mayor Ben Blake (D) says, ‘It’s a terrible idea.” Yet in Trumbull all we hear is crickets. I will give the first selectman credit for putting in a moratorium on apartments. The idea was to see the impact of the approved apartments before we approve any other projects. Good idea. What happened? The other projects are not completed yet. We have not seen the impact and yet the P&Z is ready to give the mall the go-ahead.

The presenters at the July meeting painted a picture of luxury apartments filled with millennials and retirees from Trumbull with an average income of $160,000 per year. Were did they get this information from? What if it’s not true? Trumbull is left with the results. Remember developers told us that 28 children were going to come out of Avalon Gates (Royce). Now we are educating 168 children from that complex. Is there a housing shortage in Trumbull the rest of us don’t know about?

Look, the mall is in trouble, all malls are in trouble. That doesn’t mean we allow them to experiment with our community. Try harder, come up with a destination site, i.e., convention center, mega food store, a village shopping center filled with high end stores, restaurants and entertainment. This can be the biggest mistake this town has ever made. Come on Trumbull, we can do better.

Editor’s Note - Tara Hage submitted a similar letter making the same points.

Stuart Schwartz