Letter to the editor: Trumbull must stop ‘pivoting’ on community, aquatics centers

After years of talk and committees, the Tesoro administration has done another about-face on new community building projects.

It seems as if they just realized that spending $40,000,000 or more might not be the best idea right now.

The First Selectman, along with her followers, started by prematurely closing the door to rehabbing the current community indoor pool, directly contradicting her own hand-selected architect’s plans, and focusing on the newly acquired Hardy Lane property that they purchased for $7,000,000.

Trumbull Democrats have done a 180 degree turn by suggesting it should now be on a school property, after cheering on the BOE’s adamant insistence that they would not allow it after citing safety concerns when the discussion of the Hillcrest pool was active.

Residents should be forgiven for not being able to keep up with the constant “pivoting” by the administration when it comes to these projects and spending the taxpayers hard earned dollars. Those of us that serve on committees and sit in meetings are having the same problem.

While the administration works to cut its losses, it seems to find both our competitive student and recreational swimmers expendable. A sound unanimous bipartisan plan was presented in 2017 which was shelved by the administration as it chose to start all over, all the while blaming others for its own inaction.

After six and a half years, it is time for the administration to stop criticizing others and take responsibility for the choices they continue to make. I implore the Tesoro administration to get our kids back in the pool in the quickest and safest way possible. It will cost, of that there is no doubt, but it will be far less than the grandiose facilities Trumbull Democrats cling to while being tone deaf to the historic rise in resident property taxes and economic upheaval being felt by us all.

Mark Block

Member of the Aquatics Facilities Building Committee