Letter to the editor: Trumbull candidate warns against ‘social media echo chamber’

To the editor:

Like far too many, I found myself caught up in social media’s echo chamber. This year, I became a Town Council member and learned a better use of time — working toward common sense solutions that will meet all residents’ needs.

I have found that I bring to the Town Council unique skills stemming from professional and volunteer experiences. Currently the owner of a small business that caters to senior, I work with budgeting and seniors’ needs. I face the challenge of surviving in the hard-hit hospitality industry. Previously, I worked as a corporate executive chef. I trained employees of diverse backgrounds across the country and collaborated on large capital kitchen renovation projects.

As a businesswoman, I’ve acquired skills that are useful as I represent you.

I have lived in Trumbull 22 years, married to Joel. We have three sons, Cayden (20), Teaghan (19), Trumbull High graduates, and Brodie (16), a sophomore.   While raising our boys, I became active in our schools, holding multiple roles in the PTA. I was appointed the first Booth Hill climate parent liaison in the wake of Sandy Hook; I managed the operations and financials for the Hillcrest Ski Club for 7 years.

As I knock on many doors lately, I realize that I can give voice to the quiet residents who go about their business every day. They are the majority whose voices are easily drowned out or never raised. They are concerned about the reliability of their roads, the safety of their kids in school, the excellence of Trumbull schools, and a stable tax rate that will allow them to continue maintaining their homes. If I am elected, I will be an authentic voice, use fair judgment, and advocate for their needs.

Nikki Satin, Town Council candidate, District 2