Letter to the editor: The best of Trumbull in the worst of times

The last two years have been some of the most difficult years of our lives. One Friday in March, we watched as the world shuttered. We were naive and unprepared for what would follow over the next 730 days. Yet through it all — the illness, loss, solitude, and heartbreak—we also got the opportunity to see the best of our community.

Families hung signs in their window of hope.

Neighbors chalked their driveways with rainbows.

Friends celebrated birthdays with car parades.

A town stepped outside to bang pots and ring bells to honor Veterans on Memorial Day.

Educators came together to make remote learning possible, with support flowing through computer screens from loving educators.

Children gracefully navigated technology and remote learning.

Parents donned multiple hats — teacher, employee, parent.

First responders became the first line of defense, working in hospitals and healthcare settings when so little was known about the virus.

Moms organized to provide critical resources to deliver the vaccine at greater rates in partnership with the health department.

Town employees developed programs to support families and seniors who struggled to access food.

Elected officials and civic groups held mask and COVID test supply drives in the frigid weather.

Businesses provided curbside pick up and online shopping, while households rallied to support our business owners.

And the list goes on, and on.

Trumbull came together without care or concern for our differences. We have shown each other the best of one another. These last two years have shown us all that we can be — if we choose to do so.

As we begin to emerge from the depths of these trying years, I hope we can all remember what it felt like to be unified. To protect. To care for. To respect. To be there for one another. The pandemic may have been the worst of times, but it showed us the best of Trumbull.

Ashley Gaudiano