Letter to the editor: Public safety shouldn’t be politicized

Letter to the Editor:

Kudos to State Representatives Laura Devlin, Dave Rutigliano, Ben McGorty , Christopher Fishbein and Trumbull Chief of Police Michael Lombardo for presenting information on the uptick of juvenile property crime in the area.

The presenters went above and beyond the call of duty to inform the public of this important safety issue and to start a discussion of how to curb it. Instead of thanking the reps for their efforts, they were met with a politicized audience that was more interested in negating their efforts and making speeches.

The audience questioned and criticized the entire presentation. Members of the audience took cell phone pictures of every slide and recorded responses. They made an effort to minimize every bit of data. “Where did the data come from?” (FBI reports). “Do we have scientific data that proves that any of the proposals will work?” I wonder, was there scientific data used to loosen the laws in the first place? There were no alternatives offered by the audience, just criticism. There certainly was a political agenda at work here by many members of the audience.

It was really disheartening to see something as important as public safety be politicized. Some members of the audience actually tried justifying the increase in crime, blaming the victims. “There are carjackings and break- ins because, in Connecticut, we just have too much wealth or too many cars in our driveways.” One comment was, “It is just “property.” Tell that to the Wolcott mother who had her car carjacked with her 5-year-old inside.

Joe Pifko, Trumbull