Letter to the editor: New voting location in Trumbull this election

Dear Editor:

This election, most Trumbullites will have a new voting location.

Here’s why this is happening: In 2012, our town’s seven districts were reduced to four districts. The result was that Trumbull has had the highest rate of voters per polling place in Fairfield County.

On average, Trumbull crowded 80 percent more voters through polling locations than the Fairfield County average. There were long lines, voters could not find parking spaces, and some voting locations were inconveniently located across town. The effect? The Secretary of State reported significant declines in Trumbull voter turnout.

Now that Vicki Tesoro has successfully brought back seven districts, voting locations should be more convenient with shorter wait times. It sounds as if voters are very happy as it makes voting easier for everyone.

An additional motivator to make the change is that because of it, the Town Council will be significantly more bipartisan than it has been since 2012. Vicki’s team gave up its large majority to ensure a more representative process, one we hope encourages both parties to work across the aisle.

If you are not aware of your new polling place, please Google “where do I vote CT.” You will be directed to the CT Secretary of State’s website to find your answer.

Spread the word! Happy Voting! (For more information, look up Trumbull Citizens for 7 Districts on Facebook.)

Regina Haley