Letter to the Editor: Why not revisit 2017 report on Trumbull facilities?

To The Editor,

Everything old is new again! In absolute amazement, I read the piece on the need for a new pool in Trumbull and that it might be a good idea to incorporate a senior center and community center into that building project.

Under the previous administration, a bi-partisan Community Center Study and Building Committee was formed in 2015 to address this exact need. In November of 2017, after two years of research, 51 committee meetings, 20 field visits to other facilities, 18 public forums, public surveys with 1,105 respondents and multiple meetings with architectural firms and construction companies, the committee submitted its final report.

The proposal for a 41,500 square foot tri-level facility included a competitive and recreational aquatic center that could be used by all of the people of Trumbull, a senior center, and a community center with meeting rooms for education and recreation. It even included a ballroom area for town meetings that could be rented out. The cost in 2017 was put at $16 million. That’s a lot of money, but the town was getting a lot for that amount.

Unfortunately, politics stepped in and the change in administration threw out the plans and the $175,000 spent on research and started all over again. So now, over four years later, the town still finds itself needing all these facilities and services. What a shame that the current administration let politics take precedence over the needs and wants of the people of Trumbull. The town still has the plans and all the research, so why not just move forward and stop playing politics?

Joe Pifko

Former Co- Chair

Trumbull Center Study & Building Committee