Letter to the Editor: Soldier thanks Daniels Farm School

To the Editor:

I received on Valentine’s Day a box of wonderful cards from your class. My Soldiers and I want to thank you and your students for taking the time to think of us. Reaching out to our unit means quite a lot to the men and women currently deployed overseas. We have just completed over seven months of our deployment and we are just preparing to return home in another two months. Your warm well wishes help these brave Soldiers separated from their families stay focused on defending our nation. Patriotic citizens such as yourself make our deployment well worth the sacrifice.

Please pass on my best to all the students that participated in this effort. I want to specifically mention the three students that wrote a note: Joey, Sara H., and Stephen. Please tell Sarah H. my favorite color is blue. Tell Stephen and Joey our job is to fix Army helicopters.

The popcorn powdered drink mixes were also greatly appreciated!

By the way, I am not sure how you got my address from all of the many Soldiers currently deployed overseas, but I am a former resident of Trumbull! Finally, thank you for taking the initiative yourself in this endeavor. I know it is something you did not have to do but it truly meant a lot.

Col. Scott A. Panagrosso

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted to us for publishing in The Trumbull Times.