Letter to the Editor: A puppeteer running the show

To the Editor:

The last time my wife and I visited my son and his wife, we were joined by his daughter, her husband, by his son and his wife, plus three beautiful girls aged three, four and five.

These girls are full of energy, as one might suspect. They flitted from room to room at the speed of light. Every once in a while they would pause to watch a cartoon on the telly, or, can you believe this, watch something on an iPad — an iPad! Three, four and five year-olds using an iPad! I thought I was pretty smart when I learned how to turn on my laptop computer.

I was further concerned when my son said that he had something I should see. It was a cartoon on the T.V. I figured that he thought that it was time for this old geezer to pay a long visit to the funny farm.

Being a dutiful father I sat down to watch it. I could not believe what I was seeing. I don't remember any thing about the plot, but, what I saw were these cartoon characters looking like they were turned into human beings. What an age I am now living in! These animators are something else.

That evening I began thinking about what fascinated us when we were children. We watched some puppeteers manipulate puppets as they told a story. Of course, the puppets would move in a herky jerky fashion. Each puppet was dangled by a puppeteer. We could see three or four puppets acting together with the help of three or four puppeteers.

Then as I was lying in bed that evening I began to dream and dreamed  that I was in ‘La La Land,’ and I was again watching a puppet show. This time there were four or five puppets on the stage, still with their herky jerky movements, and only one puppeteer. One puppeteer! How in the world did he do that? Then I saw a shadow pass over the scene and saw that the puppeteer was himself a puppet. Talk about modern technology! How in the world could they do that? Then I saw the answer.

“The shadow knows.”

Daniel F. Cronin

Hedgehog Circle