Letter - Why is one party promoting charter change?

To the editor;

Any changes to the Town of Trumbull charter must be passed by the town council and then taken to the voters as a referendum to be passed or denied. This is to ensure that the changes to our town charter are not done with a political agenda in mind, but rather a goal of improving our government in a non-partisan way. At least that is what we have always been led to believe.

So, when the overwhelmingly Democratic majority on the town council voted strictly on party lines to bring three items to the people of Trumbull to change their government, the Democrats professed it was to level the playing field and that they had only the highest ideals in mind.

Are the people of Trumbull aware that buried in the partisan provisions of the referendum there are provisions to spend more of your money by raising the threshold for bonding and reducing the notice period for town meetings? Redistricting is also slipped in. These are supposed to be non-partisan changes to our town charter, the rules we all live by.

Why then are there campaign signs, yes, campaign signs showing up on lawns of Democratic supporters alongside of Democratic candidates’ signs encouraging you to vote in favor of all the referendum questions? If these changes are non-partisan, then why is one party promoting them? Do you think the Democratic Party will be benefiting from the changes? No… never in Trumbull.

Joe Pifko, District 4

Trumbull Republicans