Letter: Why Tuesday will impact your life

To the Editor:

Many people in Trumbull and throughout our state and country shy away from local voting, simply because they don’t like ‘politics,’ or they don’t believe their one vote will make a difference. They have resigned themselves to allow others to decide their future. The truth is, in many ways, local elections impact your daily life more closely than national elections. Local elected officials make very personal decisions for you. As our representatives we empower them to decide the path of the education system for our children, the infrastructure of our community, development and conservation of our land. They formulate the direction of town spending, and make decisions on balancing the needs of a diverse community.

Take a half-hour of your time to go to the polls Tuesday. Take a little more time to look at the candidate profiles, watch a debate, and talk to candidates if you can.

Vote in people you think have the passion, and capabilities to navigate our community in a positive direction.

They will be impacting your future.

Vote people, not parties.

Pam Georgas