Letter — Why I’m voting for Carla

To the editor;

As a union member and officer for 50 years I am proud that the thousands upon thousands of members of the state AFL-CIO have endorsed Carla Olexovitch Volpe. Having served as a vice president of the state AFL-CIO I can tell you firsthand that the rigorous review of candidates ensures only the best receive an endorsement.

It's no wonder that three political parties , the Independent Party, the Working Families Party and the Democrats have endorsed Carla.

Unlike the incumbent, Carla Volpe listens, learns from the citizenry, then takes action based on the facts and feedback. Citizens deserve to have a voice in the state House and Carla is that person.

Carla was born in Fairfield to an immigrant family, was educated and is now an educator herself living in Trumbull with her husband and 3-year-old. She knows both towns and can draw on her experience to represent us well.

That's why I will be voting for Carla.

Michael B Ganino Jr.