Letter — Why I abstained from every EDIT vote

To the editor:

I am saddened by the April 5 town council meeting. How can we preach EDIT when we do not practice it ourselves?

I have abstained from all votes pertaining to this issue as in a small town of Trumbull it is not the place. Unfortunately, we have now mimicked the great divide of the country.

Yes, I have witnessed acts of bigotry, discrimination, and prejudices in my involvement in PTA, religious organization and in life in general. I am appalled and do not condone it. I do not see color, religion, or political affiliation in the people I encounter but their goodness.

This committee is needed but should also be funded to enable awareness. As town council representatives our powers are limited, but we are held to a code of ethics and conduct. This also applies to any member of a board or commission.

Many of our teachers, police officers and town employees are also our neighbors. As town council representatives we need to understand the hierarchy of the process. The two town committees present candidates to fill boards and commissions.

There should be a balance of Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliates. Unaffiliated candidates typically seek out positions via the First Selectperson or their town council representative for appointment. We have lost sight that we represent all citizens not just the one who think like us. Being in the majority brings great responsibility and ownership. I really felt in our council term we would have been the change in the “Hatfield and McCoy” mentality but unfortunately, I am wrong. I am thankful I remain an unaffiliated candidate but am frustrated that my voice and that of the 1910 voters of District 4 that have elected me have been ignored.

Lisa Valenti, U-4th District

Trumbull Town Council