Letter - What are Democrats afraid of?

To the editor:

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Town Council creation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (EDIT), there is nothing to show for it. Following the debacle of its chairperson’s comparison of the Confederate flag to the Thin Blue Line flag (an issue still unresolved), half of the EDIT committee members resigned.

After public outcry over her divisive comments, the Town Council Democrats initiated a sign-up period through April to replace those members, only to extend it again to June 1st when they realized at least 4 of the applicants were registered Republican voters.

Now, town council chairperson, Dawn Cantafio, wants to create an ad hoc committee with unelected members to screen and bring forward only 4 of 11 applicants for a rubber stamp vote by the Town Council Democrats. This will prevent the public and Town Council from ever having the chance to see all of these candidates for themselves.

What are the Democrats afraid of - that some members may offer perspectives that differ from their pre-determined agenda? To truly have diversity and inclusion, embracing differing perspectives and allowing for diversity of thought is paramount for success and fairness.

As they did last summer, the Council Democrats are violating the council rulebook that requires these types of committees and their members to be established by the Town Council, not by a small group of hand-picked people, in secret.

Despite Chairperson Cantafio’s unilateral mandate, the Town Council should fulfill its duties to notice and hold public interviews of all applicants. Instead, the majority chooses to ignore the rules and, again, hold clandestine meetings out of the public view.

We urge the residents of Trumbull to demand these matters be scheduled for open meetings with public comment in accordance with Town Council rules and customary practice.

Town Council Republicans

Carl Massaro, R-3, minority leader

Lori Rosasco-Schwartz, R-3, deputy minority leader

Donna Seidell, R-1

Tony Scinto, R-2

Steve Lemoine, D4