Letter — We need Sujata more than ever

To the editor;

I am writing to join the chorus of voices supporting Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox for state representative. I have known her several years now and think of her as a friend, but it occurred to me that I feel that way because of the way Sujata is: I’m sure everyone who meets her thinks of her as a friend.

Sujata listens. She remembers. She acts. She acknowledges you and really gets involved. She sends thank you notes for small gestures.

Sujata has a brilliant mind, evidenced by her Fulbright Scholarship and tenure at Quinnipiac University as an associate professor of constitutional law. Scores of her students sing her praises because of her wisdom and her connection.

Sujata has the energy of many and is literally everywhere: Qunninipiac, the Rotary Club, the YMCA Board, with her girls on the bike trail, on your doorstep if you need something, making a riveting speech about equality.

Sujata will elevate our district to one that inspires and progresses. We need her more than ever.

Joanne Glasser Orenstein, District 3

Trumbull Democrats