Letter - Voting is serious business

To the editor;

I was privileged to sit in on an election recount some years ago in the Town Hall. At that time each ballot was reviewed and recounted. It was fascinating.

For the most part, the ballots made sense. But there were a great number of ballots where people only voted for the top of the ticket or voted for some of the candidates, and many never turned the ballot over to vote for the rest of the positions. A couple voted for competing candidates, thus canceling out their own vote.

The point is, the upcoming election is very important, not only on a national basis but also at the state level. Who are we going to send to represent us? What are their views? There are good and not so good candidates on both sides.

Take the time to learn about each candidate and how their decisions will impact our lives. Each candidate and each position are important to our state and our town. Voting is serious business.

Joe Pifko, District 4

Trumbull Republicans