Letter - Volpe stands by her words

To the editor;

Growing up in a multi-generation Italian household in Fairfield taught Carla Volpe an important lesson, “Speak up for yourself or you won’t be heard.” She’s been doing just that since we met in our freshman year at Fairfield High School. She advocated for equal rights for women and LGBTQ+ citizens at a time when it wasn’t popular to do so. She went on to college and became president of her sorority encouraging young women to seek out their own voice. Then, she became a teacher and was able to share her love of art and acceptance with children.

Carla is beloved by her students and she proudly wears a handmade button supporting her run for state representative. She also supported her fellow educators by advocating for them as the building representative of the teacher’s union at Frenchtown Elementary School.

Carla has strong ties to both towns she would be representing, having grown up in Fairfield and now raising a family in Trumbull. When she first approached me about running I was concerned that running for office with a young child might be overwhelming but her response reminded me of how fierce she is. Carla told me, “I have to do this for my daughter’s future. I need to make our state a better place for her.” When I see how she has risen to the challenge I’m reminded of a quote by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” Carla speaks her mind and stands by her words. I hope you will consider casting a vote for my friend, Carla Volpe, on November 3rd. Let her be your voice in Hartford.

Angela Bulkley, District 2

Trumbull Democrats