Letter — Volpe is the sensible choice

To the editor;

What are some of the hallmarks of a good representative and leader? Considerate, empathetic, and caring are fine qualities to hope for and expect.

If Trumbull wants our representative from the 134th District to vote with these ideals in mind, then there is only one candidate we can vote for and that is Carla Volpe. Carla is someone who will support family leave, a higher minimum wage, and measures that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

A representative that supports family leave is considerate and practical. Taking time off to care for a newborn child is something that all parents worry about, regardless of their employer or financial situation. Bills passed in Connecticut offer a cost-free solution to taxpayers by setting aside some of the taxpayers’ money for when this need arises. This is a win for business and families.

An empathetic representative supports an increase in the minimum wage. Carla understands that some people don’t have access to the same education and employment opportunities, but should still be able to make a living. Connecticut recently changed the minimum wage to $15/hour, spaced out over a few years, and linked it to inflation.

Finally, a caring representative supports the Black Lives Matter movement and votes for protections against police violence. Our representative should understand that Black people have been disproportionately affected by police brutality and racism in every state, including Connecticut. Voting for measures that support investigating police shootings and police training on racial issues is a part of that.

The representative who will vote yes on these issues and others to come is Carla Volpe. Carla is a teacher in Connecticut who firmly believes in funding education. She is a lifelong Trumbull and Fairfield resident involved in her community. A Democrat, endorsed by the Independent Party, who believes in a better Connecticut economy with less income tax and more tourism, is a candidate we can rally around. Above all, Carla is the person we need to elect if we want our representative to be considerate, empathetic, and caring.

Connor Downs