Letter —Volpe is right for families, Connecticut

To the editor;

I am writing to support fellow teacher Carla Volpe for State Representative.

As a 19-year veteran educator, I can truly appreciate the fresh voice a teacher will bring to the Connecticut assembly. So often it is clear that education policy desperately needs educators helping to craft it. I believe Ms. Volpe will be such an educator.

From legislative acts concerning testing and curriculum, to teacher quality and school safety, Ms. Volpe will understand first-hand how decisions made in Hartford impact teaching and learning on a day-to-day basis in the classroom.

In addition, I am incredibly lucky that both of my children had the opportunity to be students of Ms. Volpe at Frenchtown Elementary School in Trumbull. She made them both feel that her art classroom was a place they belonged. The pride my kids showed in their projects and the eagerness with which they anticipated her class made it clear they knew it was a special place. She taught them so much.

Ms. Volpe went above and beyond her classroom duties, though. She organized a variety of extra-curricular learning opportunities, including taking part in a school auction where she led the winners in an evening workshop complete with crafts and pizza. I was lucky enough to attend the event with my kids.

She is truly a gifted educator and a special person. I look forward to having a warm and caring person with real experience in the classroom representing me and my family in the Connecticut General Assembly. Carla is right for kids, right for families, and right for Connecticut.

Adam Shopis