Letter: Two-party Town Council needed

To the Editor:

Being a Democrat and a member of the “super-minority” on the Town Council is often frustrating. Republicans rarely have questions or even say much of anything, and they usually vote as a bloc.

Democrats today hold seven of 21 seats because Trumbull’s charter requires that at least one seat be held by the minority party in each district. With seven voting districts, that ensured at least seven minority voices on the Town Council. However, last year the Republicans pushed through a redistricting plan that reduced the number of voting districts to just four. Flush with landslide victories in the last two elections, Republicans relished the prospect of reducing the number of Democrats on the Town Council even further.

The plan put forward by the Democrats, which would have kept seven districts and preserved neighborhood-based voting, was rejected for purely partisan reasons. The only justification given at the time was a purported cost savings of $8,000.

If next week’s election results in even fewer Democrats on the Town Council, Trumbull will lurch further in the direction of one-party rule. Not only will the minority party be reduced to less relevance, but members of the majority party will be even less likely to voice their own opinions or to vote independently.

I’m running because I want to be part of a vital two-party body that represents all the residents of Trumbull, not just the majority party. I call on the voters of Trumbull to reject one-party rule in our Town.

James Meisner

Town Council Candidate, District 4