Letter - Trumbull overreacted to gouging complaints

To the editor:

I just want to say that I think people were overreacting to the Shell Station on White Plains Road in Trumbull about their so called “price gouging.”

I know the owner Fadi Znbarakji and his fine crew of guys that work there, they are always trying to help out, just as they did here. He can’t buy in bulk, he just has a small store. So, he did what he can to try and make a modest profit.

He didn’t have to bring the hand sanitizer in. Some guy came by with a van load and he paid $20 a bottle so he marked it up to $25. The bottled water the same thing, he was making just $3 a case.

I think we all better just calm down. We will get through this, we are Americans.

This is one of the best gas stations around, very busy, very professional, very courteous...now if they only had some damn toilet paper!

Mike Mastroni