Letter: Trumbull neighborhoods not treated equally

Letter to the editor:

Our neighborhoods aren’t treated equally

Trumbull Democrats have had much to say about the purchase and proposed use of properties on Old Churchill Road, across from the Quality Street library. The cost of those properties was $1.5 million. Just down the street, the cost of the Hardy Lane property — a purchase that had no community discussion, no transparency and no planned use — was $7 million.

Mrs. Tesoro now wants to sell the Old Churchill Road properties. Why? She believes doing anything more with it would impinge on the “neighborhood.” She has ignored the highly touted opinion to the Town Council of her own economic development director. She ignored our Chief of Police who wrote forcefully why the properties are so important for safety so they can be used to access the Pequannock River Trail at the midway point.

Mrs. Tesoro and Council Democrats make a politically expedient argument that a neighborhood will be ruined by the town’s use of its own land. This land, adjacent to the municipal campus, was wise to purchase if for no other reason than to protect it for the benefit of the entire community. We don’t hear them complaining about the neighborhoods where our fire stations are located, or the neighborhoods that house our schools with buses, dropping off and pick-up occurring daily. Why is that? There is a degree of hypocrisy they believe is acceptable — one I don’t.

When you hear Mrs. Tesoro and Council Democrats talk about the destruction of a neighborhood, we should be asking them how they feel about neighborhoods that are currently home to a town building that benefits our community. Why have we not heard about concerns with the residential character of Trumbull neighborhoods in proximity to the apartment developments they have promoted? One, because it doesn’t advance their agenda; two, they don’t believe you are paying attention. As a highly developed, mature community, our elected leaders need to make long-term decisions that benefit the entire community, and they should start now.

Mark Block


Note: Letter writer was the Republican candidate for First Selectman.