Letter — Trumbull needs a plan to protect its character

Mark Block Photo by Mara Lavitt Trumbull, CT Trumbull Republicans head shots.

Mark Block Photo by Mara Lavitt Trumbull, CT Trumbull Republicans head shots.

Mara Lavitt / Mara Lavitt

To the editor:

As a native of Trumbull, I have been both an observer and an active participant in the progress and challenges that face my hometown. Trumbull is where I was born and raised. It is where I was educated and where my wife, a former TPS social worker and I made our home and raised and educated our daughter.

In this year’s campaign for a seat on Trumbull’s Planning and Zoning Commission I am meeting residents from all across town and their plea is the same, “Don’t permit anymore haphazard development with dubious zone changes. Don’t allow nearly 1,000 apartments to be built across every district in town. Work to ensure reasonable, responsible and well thought out development that serves to benefit our community.”

Well, I am committed to working to do just that. I don’t want to see our tax dollars budgeted to review and update our Plan of Conservation and Development go unused with an outdated plan left to sit on a shelf in Town Hall. I don’t want to see zone changes from commercial to residential preventing reasonable and responsible development of our commercial tax base. I don’t want to wonder how our public safety, emergency services, fire and education system will absorb the influx of hundreds and hundreds of apartments designed for baby boomers and our parents with no foresight to how they will be repurposed for a smaller and more mobile generation that will follow with differing wants and needs.

We don’t need a moratorium that followed the allowing of nearly 1,000 apartments, only to expire soon after the election. What we need is a comprehensive plan to ensure we maintain the true New England character of our community — that’s the Trumbull I remember. That’s the Trumbull that First Selectmen and women from before Clarence Heiman on forward worked so hard to build and protect.

Today, Trumbull needs new leaders who maintain your interests in the forefront of their minds to work to ensure and protect our town so that we grow our grand list without compromising our values and commitment to each other. As a former Town Councilman from District 3, member of the Ethics Commission, current member of MetroCOG Citizen Advisory Committee, I believe that when we work to build on the successes of the past we create an atmosphere that allows for the betterment of our community in a way that we all find beneficial to building a community of choice.

Mark Block — candidate (R)

Planning and Zoning Commission