Letter — Trumbull needs a plan not a moratorium

Mark Block

Mark Block


To the editor:

Once again Trumbull P&Z has before it another application for the Moorefield Farm property for its consideration, and once again there has been silence from the administration regarding a comprehensive policy position for both residential and commercial development for Trumbull. It is time we expect a plan not a moratorium for responsible development to enhance our community. There are some who would like the upcoming municipal election to be about the past and those not on the ballot, the fact is it's about the future direction our community will take and the leadership needed to do so. Will we be a town that sees apartment construction in every corner of town straining our emergency services and education system while disproportionately increasing our class sizes? Will we see unfettered and dense development upend the peaceful characteristic of our quiet neighborhoods? Will we see more questions raised than answered to those seeking zone changes without master plans to better our community? Will the opacity of the administration be the hallmark by which it is remembered? The choice for a better Trumbull this fall will be clear and unambiguous, and one where actions match words, not for votes, but for real growth.

Mark Block, District 3

Trumbull Republicans