Letter - Trumbull Democrats put party over town

To the editor:

The Connecticut Constitution grants municipalities the right of self-governance, yet the Connecticut Democrats are trying to take that control away from us. They have proposed legislation, Senate Bill-1024, that cedes control from municipalities to the state prohibiting municipalities from determining development projects within their own borders.

Under the proposed legislation, the state will dictate development projects in our town, effectively allowing Hartford politicians to determine the landscape of Trumbull, changing its character and potentially reducing our home values.

The agenda of the April 5 town council meeting included a Republican-sponsored resolution opposing the state-mandated one size fits all zoning proposal that diminishes local control related to planning and zoning. To send a strong and clear message to Hartford and to protect the people of Trumbull, the Republican council members voted unanimously for the resolution, while five of the Democrats voted against the resolution and the remaining 11 Democrats abstained from the vote, in dereliction of their duty to the town.

In a stunning retraction of her written and published testimony against SB-1024, the first selectman walked back her opposition, citing the bill was undergoing changes in Hartford.

While failing to protect our town the Democrats voted against their own first selectman’s testimony opposing the proposal. Rather than doing the right thing by standing up to clearly voice disagreement with their state party’s idea of mandating control over Trumbull, the council Democrats and first selectman chose to reverse their position to agree with or stand silent on this issue, choosing allegiance to their party over protecting the residents of the town.

Trumbull desperately needs leadership that will protect and defend the character of our community and prevent the destructive change the Trumbull Democrats support.

Carl Massaro, District 3

minority leader

Lori Rosasco Schwartz, District 3

deputy minority leader

Donna Seidell, District 1

Tony Scinto, District 2

Steve Lemoine, District 4