Letter — Trumbull BLM rally marked by respect, compassion

Editor’s note - This letter was originally sent June 9.

To the editor:

On behalf of the Trumbull Police Commission I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and commend Chief Lombardo, his senior staff, his supervisors and the rank & file members of the Trumbull Police Department for the exemplary way in which they prepared for and conducted themselves during the BLM rally this past Saturday on the Trumbull town hall green.

The crowd and our officers were respectful of each other and there were no incidents of note reported. I don’t believe that happened by accident.

Under Chief Lombardo’s leadership and command the professionalism of the Trumbull Police Department has been elevated to a level where the vast majority of our town residents not only respect our officers but are proud of them.

Standing among the crowd I witnessed acts of compassion and concern by our police officers and that, I believe, fostered an atmosphere of trust and healing.

But these acts of kindness and concern don’t just occur at events such as Saturday’s, they occur everyday throughout our community by the men and women of the Trumbull Police Department and that, I believe, is what ultimately allowed this event to be a peaceful one.

This commission is proud of each and everyone of you and shares in your successes.

Well done.

Raymond Baldwin Jr., chairman

Trumbull Police Commission