Letter -Time to speak up and speak out

Speak up and speak out

To the editor;

I’m not sure it is a coincidence that budget season falls in the midst of a one of the busiest times of the year for families.

Of course, this was decided eons ago. But I bet there was a great deal of thought that went in to it. After all, putting together a budget for an entire town is a lot of work and quiet would be nice in order to make all those important decisions, right?

This is a reminder for the residents of Trumbull, most pointedly parents of school age children. Now is the time to pay attention, speak up and speak out. Email your Board of Education members, Board of Finance members and your Town Council members.

Most people wait until decisions and discussions have already happened. You wait until you are mad about specific things. By then, most of the time, it’s too late and if you have a big enough majority, more than likely those decisions have been made by one party in town. That same party that was told there was a shortfall in the education budget, and ignored it. The same party that wanted to “save you” a few bucks a month this year while decimating the school system. The same party that closed down all but one trail during a pandemic while telling you to practice safe distancing. The same party that closed the parks out of fear that you were not smart enough to keep yourself and your family safe even though the state, run by that same party, kept parks open.

I know it’s not easy. None of us need one more thing on our to do list. But the reality is, the less vocal you are, the more they will be convinced you support these actions. If you do, by all means carry on. If you do not, speak up. There is a method to the madness and your voice is the key.

The first Board of Education budget meeting is this Thursday, Dec. 3. There is a lot going on in our world, country, state and town. It has been an exhausting year to say the least. But, if you stay on the sidelines and wait, as happens nearly every year, 2021 is going to say “hold my beer.”

Cindy Penkoff, District 2

Trumbull Republicans