Letter - Thank you for prioritizing safety

To the editor:

I am writing to give a shout out to all the dedicated people in the Town of Trumbull who are responsible for keeping our town safe, supplied and supported.

Our medical, police, fire and emergency communities have been working tirelessly to keep our town safe and strong. Our essential workers have worked around the clock to keep our stores stocked, our mail delivered, our meals prepared for pick-up, our cars running, and our homes maintained while potentially risking their health and safety.

Our teachers have moved from traditional teaching methods to innovative online classrooms while working additional hours to ensure a seamless transition for our kids. I’m sure I have missed many dedicated people in our town as there are so many who are stepping up and making this difficult time a little bit easier. My family feels very grateful to be a part of such a strong community.

Finally, thank you to our town administration who has kept us alerted with continual guidance in this difficult time. Thank you for taking a strong stand on social distancing, even if it means we are temporarily inconvenienced by lack of access to parks and amenities. Thank you for putting safety at the forefront.

Karen Fox