Letter — Thank you Trumbull residents for your generosity

To the editor:

Thank you, Trumbull! Thank you for your generosity, and thank you for coming together and giving to those most in need during this unprecedented pandemic.

On June 17, I, along with my House colleagues and Trumbull EMS, held our 10th social distancing weekly food drive to benefit the Trumbull Food Pantry. Over those 10 weeks, we collected thousands of dollars and many ambulances full of food, thanks to the ongoing generosity of Trumbull residents.

Each contribution — large or small — has been appreciated and has definitely made a difference in someone’s life.

The food drive idea was born from the multiple phone calls I received from Trumbull residents when the pandemic first hit. They were concerned about their ability to get through due to loss of income. Executive Orders were in place to provide mortgage and rent relief, and prevent utilities from being shut off, but unemployment assistance was slow in coming. While we worked to resolve unemployment claims, I thought one thing I could do was to help residents avoid food insecurity.

In Fairfield, three amazing women started a social distancing food drive to benefit Operation Hope. Volunteering there, I saw how it worked and thought why not do this in Trumbull? I reached out to my House colleagues, the Food Pantry and the Trumbull EMS — who was already helping with food collections — to see if we could band together. All said yes. As a result, we now have a stocked food pantry in Trumbull.

These weekly food drives also provided an outlet for those able and willing to safely “do something” to help neighbors in need. And that’s what this has been all about. Neighbors helping neighbors!

On behalf of the many individuals and families you helped get through this unprecedented time, thank you!

State Rep. Laura Devlin

134th Assembly District (Fairfield-Trumbull)