To the editor:

While many people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with politics, we, in Trumbull, have benefitted from the outstanding political leadership and collaborative spirit of our First Selectman Vicki Tesoro.

Why do I support Vicki? The answer is simple. I stand behind Vicki because she inspires me. In her time as first selectman, Vicki has embodied integrity by being approachable and accessible. She has kept her promises about restoring Trumbull Day and other community events to our calendar.

Vicki has exemplified true collaboration by nominating talented Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters alike to boards and commissions based on their ability to serve our town. And Vicki has provided results by implementing a smart and measured development strategy for Trumbull, avoiding wasteful spending, and improving the political tone.

When I use the word “politician” in reference to Vicki, it suddenly has a different connotation. It evokes a public servant with irreproachable character, someone who has dedicated herself to the community she loves, someone willing and able to work with those who hold different viewpoints, and someone who brings genuine commitment and passion to Trumbull. She brings us together as a community to consider what policies are best for all of us.

Vicki is a leader I trust. And the most important aspect of having someone you trust in public office is that even if you disagree or question any given proposal, you can be assured that the policy was carefully considered and well-reasoned. I have confidence that anyone in Trumbull, regardless of their own political affiliation, can reach out to Vicki and be heard.

At the end of the day, if we want to see a better kind of politics, our goal should not necessarily be total agreement, but rather knowing that our public officials are willing to genuinely listen to different opinions and ultimately make decisions aimed at serving the best interests of the community. We may hold different views on how to reach the exact solutions that serve those ends, but that is expected when we have a community of diverse interests and experiences.

The key is to begin with a political leader who puts the community first, and who has demonstrated honest and thoughtful leadership, not only in the work she has done in public office, but in every interaction she has had with each member of our Trumbull community.

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, District 1

Trumbull Democratic Town Committee