Letter — THS Class of 2020! Here’s how I know you will be just fine. . .

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the THS Class of 2020! This has been quite the senior year for everyone, one that you will never forget. Your future is full of hope, not only because of your demonstrated intelligence, but also because of your resilience and leadership throughout this unprecedented time.

You are a class of inspiration. When I reflect upon the amazing students from the We the People program, I love how you kept me on my toes with your thought-provoking questions on constitutional law. You were always thoroughly prepared to improve with each practice, expand your boundaries, and wow your audience.

You are a class of leadership. I have witnessed your preparation and thoughtfulness in speaking out against racial injustice. You have created your own voice. And I have witnessed your recognition for the call of service in the Interact Club. You have initiated and organized community projects that serve the most vulnerable citizens in Trumbull.

You are a class of intelligence. I have had the great pleasure of having many conversations with many of you, and each time, I continue to be impressed with your many various academic activities. It was so nice to see you take the lead to host and collaborate events with your peers, such as the statewide Academic Decathalon. This class has worked hard, and has endured so much, and you truly inspire me. This is just the beginning.

Trumbull High School graduates, I share with you all the very best wishes for a bright future. I encourage each of you to continue to serve your community with the thoughtfulness, compassion, and creativity that will keep our society moving in the right direction.

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox