Letter — Sujata will be a potent force in Hartford

To the editor;

One of the best aspects of politics is the opportunity to meet people you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. I have been blessed in that respect in meeting so many wonderful people here in Trumbull. One of those outstanding people is Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, the Democratic candidate for Trumbull state representative from the 123rd District.

You have seen numerous letters extolling Sujata’s many virtues, her outstanding intellect, her remarkable credentials, and her exemplary character. They are all true, and I do not need to repeat them. Similarly, I do not need to rehash where Sujata and I agree on the issues; for example, we both oppose any attempt to defund the Trumbull police, neither of us would ever think of doing something like that, and we both agree on the recently implemented state increase in the minimum wage. These issues are important to our future, and Sujata is right on them.

Sujata will be a potent force in Hartford. She will be a voice for reason and a voice for compromise. She will be at the table fighting for our fair share of Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) funding. She will be at the table fighting for funding for infrastructure improvements. She will be at the table fighting for the funding of any mandates that come from the state. Her intellect will command respect, her personality will build bridges, and Trumbull will benefit.

Let me speak a moment about her opponent. He has been a true friend in the battle against opioid abuse and underage drinking, causes near and dear to my heart. We have worked together, for example, opposing school regionalization, a proposal that he, Sujata and I believe is not in the best interests of Trumbull. Finally, he is a local businessman, and I am a customer. I urge everyone to patronize his businesses as I do. However, all of that notwithstanding, in this race, I believe Sujata is the right choice.

If you believe, as I do, that reason and compromise are an absolute necessity, and if you believe, as I do, that Trumbull needs to have a powerful independent presence at the decision making table in Hartford, then your choice is clear. Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox is that person.

Vicki Tesoro, first selectman