Letter — Sujata sets the example every day

To the editor;

If there’s one thing political parties can agree on, it’s that political parties don’t seem to be able to agree on anything. Lately we have seen more division and intransigence than anyone can remember. We need to start electing people who aren’t bound to ideology; people who are willing - and able - to cooperate with others in good faith and find solutions to the problems we all face. Electing Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox would be an excellent first step.

No one wants government involved in their lives, but everyone wants roads paved, children educated, and protection from crime. Sujata is a constitutional law professor and has literally spent her entire career finding the balance in this conflict. As an educator she certainly understands the benefits of education for her students, but also for herself. Searching for and relying on facts to form opinions, and on honest debate with others to turn those opinions into good policy, is exactly what will make our government serve the people better.

At the end of the day, all legislators have to vote yes or no on a bill. But the ones who understand the implications, who research the facts, who educate their fellow lawmakers and, most importantly, are willing to listen to other points of view - they make the final yes or no vote more meaningful for more citizens.

For Sujata, the power of education to improve lives isn’t just professional or theoretical, it’s personal. It’s through her own education that she was able to become a professor at Quinnipiac. She is raising her family here in Trumbull, and has two young daughters in the public school system. Supporting education at all levels helps all of our children, and teaching them to work together and respect the opinions of others will help them avoid some of the problems we are having today.

Sujata is setting that example every day with her students, her family, and the work she is doing. She’ll do the same thing in Hartford.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Sujata for State Representative.

Anthony Musto, District 4

Trumbull Democrats